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The Fast Pace of Delivery

By Martin Rodell on Jul 17, 2020 8:34:00 AM

Topics: kinodb

As one of the three founders of datb, Martin has been delivering solutions for our customers for almost 20 years. Here Martin discusses rapidly translating requirements into an application that delivers the benefits that our clients are looking for.

“It's just not reasonable for IT teams to expect users to be able to articulate a really complex set of requirements from some picture in their heads.”

The juxtaposition of perception from the user to those that are tasked with the delivery of an application meeting their needs is something that has plagued the world of IT for decades.

“The speed of iteration that kinodb gives us; being able to implement a whole load of functionality between workshops on successive days, means that we can drive out requirements with the users and then show them how it will look, and how it will work. Users get immediate 'buy-in' into the process, as they're able to form the system almost in real time.”

This is unlike any other IT system delivery project where analysts spend days and weeks transposing business requirements into IT system specifications.

“The overall productivity means that I can use a small team to deliver a large project - that reduces cost, but more importantly it increases the quality of what we deliver, and makes us far more responsive to user requirements, whether during initial development or as requirements change years after initial implementation. This, and the technology independence that the framework gives us, means that systems that we implemented over ten years ago aren't just 'still going’; they're actually among the most technically up-to-date systems in use by our clients!”

Martin Rodell

Written by Martin Rodell