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Replace your legacy applications and integrate with your modern IT services, whilst providing custom line-of-business applications to your business users.

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No code required

If you are looking to procure a development platform, it is quite possible that you are also looking at low-code platforms.

Whilst not specifically a low-code platform, kinodb does share some of the traits of one.

However, with many low-code platforms once you get down to the complex stuff, it requires you to step back into traditional code.  But that's not the case with kinodb.  The whole of the application is created within the development environment, and without code. 

But, that doesn't mean that you cannot do complex stuff; quite the contrary in fact.  kinodb makes the complex easy, and the easy becomes trivial.

kinodb is the digital platform for the enterprise.



What kinodb developers say

Developing in kinodb is different to writing in code. In kinodb a developer creates a model of the application which is stored in the metadata.  This makes it incredibly fast to build an application.

"kinodb's ability to immediately reflect every design change means that the development process is so much faster, and creating the correct data structures for the system's requirements isn't constrained by the complexity of implementation of the 'right' structures for the task.

Also, it's entirely normal to have a moment of realisation half way through implementation that there's a better way of doing something - using conventional tools there's then an internal dialogue about whether we're too far down the road to rework something that really should be better. Using kinodb the decision is easy: make the change now as you don't need to do loads of technical impact assessment & rework.

It's hard to describe the change that this makes to productivity - it really is a completely different way of developing."

Simon, kinodb developer

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What our customers say

“The UK’s water companies need to submit periodic returns to the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) to demonstrate that they are managing all aspects of the safety of water supplies.  A system was developed for Thames Water by datb that allows us to record, analyse and manage the large amounts of data, and the complex workflows, that are required for this process.  As the DWI's reporting requirements evolved, datb updated the system quickly, effectively and without disruption, allowing us to continue to meet our obligations."

MIKE WORSFOLD, Asset Investment Plan Analyst

Read the full Thames Water case study, here.





Enterprise grade, without complexities

Provide connected services to all of your users, through an intuitive user experience.  All of this faster and easier than ever before, without code.



Provide and consume secure webservices, with many big name applications like SAP, Salesforce and ESRI integrations available out-of-the-box.


Intuitive UX

Deliver easy-to-use applications via any browser, to any device type



Elastic infrastructure supporting thousands of concurrent users

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"Using conventional tools, supporting mobile devices and multiple browser versions is very time-consuming and requires detailed and ever-changing knowledge. With kinodb, applications work without device-specific code, and an update to the framework to deal with a new browser means that it just works."

Deliver an app in a week

A proof-of-concept project to demonstrate just how quick and easy it is to build an application with kinodb, can be delivered in just a week.

This is often much faster than developing a short-term tactical fix and if you decide to proceed with a full implementation, the PoC usually becomes part of the final application.

This is far more efficent than building something temporary just to dispose of it when the strategic solution arrives.

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A couple of our projects


Read the HS2 case study here.

Our team spent just 5 weeks to build the first iteration of an asset register with a sophisticated security model to enabe the sharing of asset information with the subcontrators building the new infrastructure.

The resulting application is now the primary asset register for all HS2 assets.  



Read the Camden Council case study here.

We have built 3 applications for the London Borough of Camden.  The applications are based on our Local Government Platform, a pre-packed version of our development platform.  We have worked alongside their team developing these solutions for a variety of different use-cases.



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