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New Requirements

Develop a custom solution to meet your new business need.To discuss your project with a member of our team, please use the button below:


Requirements for new applications emerge for various reasons.  Anything from internal company changes, departmental reorganisations to external factors such as market changes or global pandemics may result in a need to do something that you weren’t doing before.

For many business requirements there will be a package that has been ready-made by someone, so you can choose the package that is the closest to your requirements.  Examples of these kind of systems could be a corporate filing system, accountancy software, or a CRM.

Where the requirement is more unusual, you may find that isn't met by an off-the-shelf package, or that available packages will impose technical or functional constraints that make them unsuitable.

The common perception is that building bespoke applications is risky, time-consuming and expensive.  Whilst this is the case when building an application using traditional code, it’s not true for applications built on the kinodb low-code platform.



Why kinodb?

kinodb is a truly agile platform; our software development practices involve discovering requirements and developing solutions through the collaborative effort of kinodb developers and the end users.

With kinodb, the developers iterate on the design.  They first build a minimum viable product and then continually revise it, adding new functionality as requirements evolve, or as changes are requested.

Through this approach risk is reduced; with a kinodb project there are no lengthy development cycles.  Developers iterate and implement in short sprints, so the application is production ready sooner with the less critical or specialist features being added later on.

The appreciation of change being inevitable, is built into kinodb.  When using traditional code development, if your requirements or design are wrong, or your business undergoes a change then to modify/update the system could be costly and labour intensive.

At datb we feel that it is incredibly important that change isn’t restricted by building a rigid system or procuring a best-fit solution; any out-of-the-box product may block or shackle your business.

An application built on kinodb will be an application that precisely matches your business needs without depending on someone writing lines and lines of code.

kinodb will provide you with the best-fit solution for your money.

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"It has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience working with datb. They went beyond the brief, focusing on the business outcomes at all times. They overcame unforeseen challenges with a positive and collaborative attitude, solving them all in their stride. I really feel datb are partners and look forward to a long term partnership"
Sophie Fresle
Head of Operations, The Network Group

Getting started

We can either train your teams on how to build your applications in-house (St. Helens local authority have done just that) or we can do it for you.

With many of our clients we can have a PoC application up and running in just a couple of weeks which allows your business process owners to feedback iteratively so should your requirements change, the application will adapt.

To find out more about how kinodb can help you to meet your new and strategic requirements without compromise, please download our brochure.