New custom application

datb build tailor-made customer applications designed to dovetail with your business processes, perfectly.


New Requirements

When you have a new requirement to gather/manage data you have some choices - you can build your own, find a specialist company to build it, or procure the best-fit off-the-shelf package solution.

datb will build your application for you, but much faster than anyone else, and because of our technology neutral platform, we will protect your investment for years to come...

Custom made for your business

Requirements for new applications emerge for various reasons.  Anything from internal company changes, departmental reorganisations to external factors such as market changes or global pandemics may result in a need to do something that you weren’t doing before.

For many business requirements there will be a package that has been ready-made by someone, so you can choose the package that is the closest to your requirements.  

Examples of these kind of systems could be a corporate filing system, accountancy software, or a CRM.

Where the requirement is more unusual, you may find that isn't met by an off-the-shelf package, or that available packages will impose technical or functional constraints that make them unsuitable.

The common perception is that building bespoke applications is risky, time-consuming and expensive.  Whilst this is the case when building an application using traditional code, it’s not true for applications built on our digital platform.


Applications for everyone, everywhere

All of our applications have a responsive design which means that they will work on any browser, on any web-enabled device, regardless of whether your application is just for internal use, or is customer facing.

We can also build applications with self-service functionality and form-based data capture which makes it easy for your customers to apply for your services.  But it doesn't stop there; our forms engine also has built in logic and decision making capabilities.


Why datb?

There are 100's of software development companies that will offer to build you a custom application that precisely meets your needs.  So why should you choose datb?

What makes us different is our development platform.  We use our own platform to design, build and deliver applications in a fraction of the time that any other software company can.

But, we're not just fast.  Our applications are completely future proof - some of our clients are running applications that were written in 2005 on devices like the iPhone, which hadn't yet been invented.


The datb approach to application development

Through our iterative approach risk is reduced; with a kinodb project there are no lengthy development cycles. Developers iterate and implement in short sprints, so the application is production ready sooner with the less critical or specialist features being added later on.

An application built on kinodb will be an application that precisely matches your business needs without depending on someone writing lines and lines of code.

kinodb will provide you with the best-fit solution for your money.

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What our customers say

“It has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience working with datb. They went beyond the brief, focusing on the business outcomes at all times. They overcame unforeseen challenges with a positive and collaborative attitude, solving them all in their stride. I really feel datb are partners and look forward to a long term partnership."





Who is it for?

Find out more about how datb can meet your requirements, based on your business function:

Getting started

Usually we build applications for our customers.  However, if you would rather build your own in-house, we will train your developers to use our development platform.  You will find that using kinodb in-house will make your internal developers many times more effective.

Read more about the benefits of the kinodb development & deployment platform here.

To find out more about how kinodb can help you to meet your new and strategic requirements without compromise, please download our brochure.