datb deliver tailor-made digital solutions for government services, hosted in a secure cloud.  Connect to your users with web enabled applications deigned to work on any browser, on any device, anywhere.


Custom digital solutions for the public sector

We work with our clients like partners, rather than as a supplier.  This means that your success is our success.  We will ensure that you get maximum value from your investment, delivering connected services, for your citizens, fast.


Applications for everyone, everywhere

datb build applications for all kinds of use-cases. Regardless of whether your requirement is for an internal business process, or is public facing, with the ability to offer services via online forms, or use a self-service portal, the developers at datb can deliver your cloud-hosted application faster than building a solution via traditional methodologies.


Case Management

Highly composable case management designed to move a case through a workflow to whatever conclusion(s) you may require


Self-service portals

Self-service enables your local citizens to get access to your public services whenever they want, and on any device


Online forms

Easily configurable online forms provide the ability to capture data from your users for any business process

How are datb different?

There are 100's of software development companies that will offer to build you a custom application that precisely meets your needs.  So why should you choose datb?

What makes us different is our development platform.  We use our own platform to design, build and deliver applications in a fraction of the time that any other software company can.

But, we're not just fast.  Our applications are completely future proof - some of our clients are running applications that were written in 2005 on devices like the iPhone, which hadn't yet been invented.


How can datb help?

Applications developed on our development platform called kinodb, will increase your operational efficiency and can consolidate and replace legacy applications, spreadsheets and unsupported applications.

With kinodb you can transform your business processes, enhance the services that you offer and connect to legacy systems through secure web services.

The platform provides a model encompassing people, resources and services. The resources and person information can be used across multiple services and processes, removing the need for management of duplicated information across multiple systems and significantly increasing operational efficiency and data quality. 



Any device

As kinodb is browser based, it will work on any device with an Internet connection. This means that your users can access your services wherever they are and regardless of the device(s) that they may have.



Who is it for?

Depending on your role, you will have different requirements and considerations when it comes to selecting a partner to deliver you new application.  

Getting started

With many of our clients we can have a PoC (Proof of Concept) application up and running in just a couple of weeks.  This approach allows your business process owners to feedback iteratively so should your requirements change, the application will adapt.

However, unlike other software development companies, if you prefer we can train your in-house development teams to build applications on our digital platform.




Find out more

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