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Custom applications by datb

Your business is unique, so are your technology needs

Don't settle for the best fit off-the-shelf solution, when you can have a custom-made application designed to precisely meet your business requirements.


Applications for commercial enterprise

We have customers from all kinds of organisations; our development and deployment platform can be used to build just about any application that you may need for your business.

The Network Group is one such client.  They required an application to manage event scheduling with custom capabilities such as managing their client's itineraries both before and during their C-level events. 

We developed and implemented their SNS application which features a smart matching system that suggests and schedules meetings between attendees based on information gathered from delegates using questionnaires that can be configured by the application's administrators

Read the full case study here.




An app, in a week

We can build a Proof of Concept app in just a week. 

See how easy it is to have you own custom made application by downloading our brochure.  Click on the button below (no personal information required).


Through technology, we solve business problems


Speed to value

We will deliver your new line-of-business application faster than any traditional methods, whilst working alongside your team to ensure that your required outcomes are delivered when you need them.




We can connect to your existing applications through secure webservices, with many big name applications like Salesforce, SAP and ESRI integrations available out-of-the-box.


Legacy free

For the future

Our technology protects you from obsolescence. We constantly update the platform to ensure that your applications will continue to operate, as new technologies are created, future-proofing your investment.  


An important choice

We build custom solutions using our own development platform. This is how we are able to deliver custom solutions up to 85% faster than using traditional code.

However, unlike other solution providers we offer an important choice - either you can use our platform and develop your own applications, or we will do it for you

We have been putting our customers requirements first since 2002; we guarantee quality and ensure that they get exactly the application that they need. 

This is why some of our customers have been with us since 2005.




Any device

As our platform is browser based, it will work on any device with an internet connection. This means that your users can access your services wherever they are and regardless of the device(s) that they may have.



Get in touch

To find out more about how datb can implement a custom application tailored to your specific needs, use the button below to speak to an expert.


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