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datb delivers benefits far sooner than other solution providers

Our range of services helps to guarantee risk-free assessment, early productivity and fast implementation into your own or cloud-hosted production environments.

Our services

We pride on ourselves on our ability to deliver value to our customers far quicker than other solution providers.

We achieve this through the following services:

  • Proof of concept project; to show you how working with datb can deliver what you need.
  • Systems development; our professional developers and project managers will build and deliver your new application for you.
  • Development training; we will train you to build you own legacy free applications.
  • Support; we support customers either online, by email or by phone.




Proof of concept

Proof of Concept (POC) exercises are a great way to show how kinodb delivers on its promises.

A proof of concept exercise will focus on specific areas of technical or infrastructural complexity to prove the suitability of the platform to deliver what's required.

A proof of concept will generally deliver the first iterations of a full solution.  This work can then be taken forward by either datb's developers or yours, and ensures that the delivered POC system provides a valid basis for the assessment of both functional and non-functional success criteria.  A POC will give a very high level of confidence that the production system will meet all requirements.

Every client has different needs and budget constraints so we can tailor a POC exercise to exactly meet your needs.

A typical proof-of-concept might follow these steps:
  1. Determine the key functional and non-functional requirements of the system (i.e. what the system must do, and in what context it must do it) in order to identify the success factors by which the exercise will be measured.
  2. Agree, for each of these, success criteria that must be demonstrated by the POC exercise, plus any ‘stretch’ targets that would provide additional assurance that the delivered solution would meet or exceed requirements.
  3. Perform a short series of iterative developments to drive out detailed requirements and to deliver a cloud-hosted system that addresses the identified success criteria.

POC exercises allow prospective clients to get a clear view of kinodb's capabilities in real-world situations, quickly and without risk.


System development

We develop systems of all types.

datb's unique technology has allowed us to deliver a plethora of different systems for medium and large clients across sectors including finance, local government, education, construction, and utilities.

We have developed systems for our clients including asset registers, corporate directories, risk registers, repositories for the storage of corporate marketing information, statistical analysis tools, cost estimation suites, corporate metric reporting systems, HR suites, Investment Optimisation suites and many other applications.

The perception of software development is that it's expensive and time consuming, and there's no guarantee that it will produce a useful system. A specification is written by an analyst and then passed to developers who translate those requirements into an application, and with a bit of luck it might come back looking something like what you asked for.

kinodb's productivity and flexibility dramatically reduces the risks of failed or partial delivery. The person who gathers the requirements is the same person who will produce the application, eliminating any possibility of requirements being lost in translation between business users and the developer.

Enabling highly iterative development techniques and close collaboration with the system's users, it allows you to use the system as it is being developed, allowing users to spot mistakes and suggest changes that can be implemented almost immediately in a way that is not possible using other technologies.


In any conventional development environment, updating the application to meet new requirements runs the very real risk of breaking what's currently working, and generally relies on a developer's detailed knowledge of the existing system.  And as technologies are updated, you face the prospect of major technical change just to keep the system running.

Using kinodb's application modelling approach, these problems disappear.

Applications built using kinodb are delivered faster, last longer, are easy to enhance and maintain

Over their lifetime they cost far less than systems developed with other technologies.

Delivering your project

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Development training

Our training courses ensure that your organisation gains the knowledge to confidently exploit kinodb's technology as soon as possible.

Based on a combination of classroom modules and online content for independent learning, courses focus on building the core knowledge of the  kinodb development environment before providing in-depth coverage of specific functionality.

We can tailor courses to meet your specific requirements and anticipated development uses, and can deliver detailed training in specific areas at the time when your developers require it.

Use of cloud-hosted environments allows your developers to get started immediately using just a browser, making this suitable for developments of all types.


We provide full support for the systems that we build for our customers.  For cloud-hosted implementations we can also provide the infrastructure management, or your operations team can do this.

Where clients' own developers use kinodb for system implementation, datb can provide whatever level of training, mentoring, design assistance or review activities you require.

We provide support by email, telephone or online.

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