Turnkey systems delivery, Cloud-hosted environment provision, Systems design, mentored developer training... we offer a range of services for any requirement.

Systems Development

We develop systems of all types for our clients.

datb's unique technology has allowed us to deliver a plethora of different systems for medium and large clients across various sectors.

We have developed systems for our clients including asset registers, corporate directories, risk registers, repositories for the storage of corporate marketing information, statistical analysis tools, cost estimation suites, corporate metric reporting systems, HR suites, Investment Optimisation suites and many other applications.

The perception of software development is that it's expensive, time consuming and there's no guarantee that it will produce a useful system.  A specification is written by an analyst and then passed to developers who translate those requirements into an application, and with a bit of luck it might come back looking like what you asked for. 

In kinodb developments, the analyst is the developer.  The person who gathers the requirements is the same person who will produce the application, eliminating any possibility of requirements being lost in translation between business users and the developer.

Using our highly iterative development techniques and working closely with the users of the system, it allows you to spot mistakes and suggest changes that can be implemented almost immediately in a way that is just not possible using other technology. 

In any conventional development environment, updating the application to meet new requirements runs the very real risk of breaking what's currently working, and generally relies on a developer's detailed knowledge of the existing system.  And as technologies are updated, you face the prospect of major technical change just to keep the system running.

Using our application modelling approach and kinodb, virtually all of these problems disappear.  

Applications built using kinodb are delivered faster, last longer, are easy to enhance and maintain.  Over their lifetime they cost far less than systems developed with other technologies.

Hosted environments

As well as performing complete system implementations using our own UK-based developers, we can allow your developers to do the same, using our technology.

kinodb is an entirely web-hosted development and deployment platform.

This means that, in addition to developing turnkey systems as a fully managed service, we can create environments securely hosted in the Cloud for your developers to create, test and deploy applications.

We offer a full range of associated services to ensure that development goes smoothly and that you receive the full benefits of kinodb's unique capabilities:

  • Architecture design
  • System design
  • Developer training
  • Mentored development
  • Consultancy
  • Systems administration
  • Support


Our aim is to ensure that your organisation gains the knowledge to confidently exploit the kinodb technology either independently of datb's involvement, or using our services for ongoing development, maintenance and support - the choice is yours.

Environments can be established quickly in Verizon's Enterprise Cloud, offering a secure and reliable platform for development, testing and production use.  Alternatively, you may elect to host systems on your own premises.

Use of Cloud-hosted environments means that your developers can get started immediately using just a browser, making this suitable for developments of all types.


Proof of concept

Proof of Concept (POC) exercises are frequently a great way of demonstrating how kinodb delivers on its promises.

We do not develop prototypes; we deliver the first few iterations of a full implementation.

This reduces the need for rework and ensures that the delivered POC system provides a valid basis for the assessment of both functional and non-functional success criteria.  If correctly framed, the POC will give a high level of confidence that the production system will meet all requirements.

Every client has different needs and budget constraints so we can tailor a POC exercise to exactly meet your needs. 

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements and ensure that a proof of concept exercise delivers prceisely what you need it to.

A proof-of-concept might follow these steps:

  • Determine the key functional and non-functional requirements of the system (i.e. what must the system do, and in what context must it do it) in order to identify the success factors by which the exercise will be measured.
  • Agree, for each of these, success criteria that must be demonstrated by the POC exercise, plus any ‘stretch’ targets that would provide additional assurance that the delivered solution would meet or exceed requirements.
  • Perform a short series of iterative developments to drive out detailed requirements and to deliver a system, hosted in the Cloud or on datb’s servers, that addresses the identified success criteria.

In many cases, work performed during a POC exercise can be used as the basis for a production implementation of the target system.

POC exercises allow prospective clients to get a clear view of kinodb's capabilities in real-world situations, quickly and without risk.

Legacy Replacement

The quickest way to consolidate and update a legacy estate

Many organisations struggle with legacy systems that constrain what the business can do, both technically and functionally.

Keeping these applications operational consumes a significant proportion of the IT department's time and resource.

datb offers a simple way of replacing or consolidating old applications and bringing them up to date technologically so they will never fall into this trap again. 

Don't wait until you have a burning platform before you decide to find a solution, see what datb can offer. Alternatively, if you already have a burning platform, give us a call right away.

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