The easy way to gather and manage your data




Intuitive forms for data collection

Through the provision of web forms and questionnaires datb can meet all of your data gathering requirements.

Unlike a simple forms engine, datb's online forms is a component of a sophisticated development platform which will appropriately store and manage your gathered data.  It can also be connected to your other services to provide seamless data transfer, enhancing your data quality and preventing unnecessary re-keying of information.


Easy data collection

Many of your business process will require the capture of data from your users.  Organisations often use a dedicated forms engine to do this, but this creates problems with the collected data as often this is siloed from your back-office systems where the data is required.

For our customers, our online forms capability is provided as an extension to our development platform, called kinodb.  This provides seamless integration with line of business applications to enable the collection of data from external and internal users.  

The presentation of data collection forms/questionnaires can be configured as required.  For our government customers, a Government Digital Services (GDS) theme is included and can be tailored if needed.



Any device

As our platform is browser based, it will work on any device with an Internet connection. This means that your users can access your services wherever they are and regardless of the device(s) that they may have.



A lot more than just data collection

Forms are defined by system administrators, allowing data collection without any software development. They are also versioned so that a change doesn't impact previously submitted information.

Moreover, they are not just for simple data collection; the forms can perform calculations and access external data sources as the user completes a submission.  In some cases (for instance a questionnaire to assess eligibility for a particular service or benefit) the questionnaire can contain all of the logic required to make a determination.

Many processing requirements, such as emailing confirmation of an accepted submission, or building a message to the user based on calculated values, can be implemented using the built-in scripting language.  More complex processing can be handled by the platform's wider functionality.

Online form submissions can be anonymous or can require that the submitting user is registered within the application. Configuration extends to full self-service functionality and can enable a user to create an account within the system before applying and paying for services.



Who is it for?

Online forms has been used in applications for customers in many different industries. 

Select your role from the options below to see how datb can help you with your custom application requirements.

Benefits of online-forms

  • Create and deploy single or multi-page forms in just a few minutes
  • Version control allows changes without impact to existing submissions
  • Form definitions can be copied between environments and shared between organisations
  • Inbuilt mapping, address search, vehicle information, email, account management and other functions
  • Extensible as required within the kinodb platform (so that any application that you have built on the platform can benefit from online forms).

Key features

Online forms comes with an extensible set of functionality, including:
  • Built-in GOV.Notify capabilities for email / SMS communications
  • Integration with Google Maps for geographic presentation of locations
  • Integration with address location / validation services such as Loquate and commonly-used local authority gazetteers
  • Integration with DVLA’s Vehicle Enquiry Service (VES)
  • Simple integration with payments processing systems

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Speak to an online forms expert

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