Custom solutions for utility companies



Applications for the utilities sector

datb have delivered many custom solutions for several utility companies, notably in the water and electricity distribution markets.

If you have a need for a specific application to (for example) manage asset information, run risk assessments, or maybe help with investment planning, we can help.

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Custom outcomes

datb have been providing customised solutions to utility companies in the UK since the early 2000's.

Our solutions are delivered by skilled developers and project managers, ensuring that your application meets your specific requirements.

A snapshot of the types of solutions that we have built is below:


Self-service portals

Self-service enables your business users or customers to get access to the services that they need whenever they want, and on any device.


Data collection forms

Easily configurable online forms provide the ability to gather data from your users (both internal and customers) for any of your business processes.


Investment plans

Capital expenditure requirements arising from growth, risk mitigations, regulatory imperatives and asset replacement programmes.


Risk management

Solutions to assess and manage your business risks to minimise the level of impact to the delivery of your business goals.

Applications for everyone, everywhere

All of our applications have a responsive design which means that they will work on any browser, on any web-enabled device, regardless of whether your application is just for internal use, or is customer facing.

We can also build applications with form-based data capture which makes it easy for your customers to apply for your services.  But it doesn't stop there; our forms engine also has built in logic and decision making capabilities.

We have lots of experience with utility companies; with many of our capabilities being pre-built, that just need configuring, which can make implementation quick and easy.



How are datb different?

There are 100's of software development companies that will offer to build you a custom application that precisely meets your needs.  So why should you choose datb?

What makes us different is our development platform.  We use our own platform to design, build and deliver applications in a fraction of the time that any other software company can.

But, we're not just fast.  Our applications are completely future proof - some of our clients are running applications that were written in 2005 on devices like the iPhone, which hadn't yet been invented.

Moreover, we have considerable experience with building custom solutions for utility companies -  for example, you can read the Thames Water case study here.

Getting started

We can deliver proof-of-concept projects to allow your business and technical users to see the productivity of the platform. Stakeholders can experience first-hand the productivity and flexibility of the platform when it comes to responsively meeting evolving requirements.

However, if you would rather build you own we will train your teams on how to build, deploy and operate your applications.




Asset Information

We also have an off-the-shelf solution for Asset Management - AIMS (Asset Information Management System) an Asset Register for large infrastructure projects.

AIMS enables the sharing of asset information, including the asset data dictionary, between the project owner and contractors. This has been implemented at HS2 (High-Speed 2) as the core of their asset information architecture.

Find out how your organisation can benefit from a highly configurable asset register by clicking the button below:


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