Custom solutions for utility companies



Applications for the utilities sector

datb have delivered many custom solutions for several utility companies, notably in the water and electricity distribution markets.

If you have a need for a specific application to (for example) manage asset infomation, run risk assessments, or maybe help with investment planning, we can help.

Custom outcomes

The kinodb platform for utilities benefits from many years of experience providing customised solution to utility companies in the UK.

Solutions are delivered by skilled developers and project managers, ensuring that your application meets your sepcific requirements.

kinodb's modular architecture means post delivery that a lot of functionality can be configured by a system administrator; developer assistance is unnecessary if a new process step or workflow action is required.



Self-service enables your business users or customers to get access to the services that they need whenever they want, and on any device.


Investment plans

Capital expenditure requirements arising from growth, risk mitigations, regulatory imperatives and asset replacement programmes.

Risk Management

Risk management

Solutions to assess and manage your business risks to minimise the level of impact to the delivery of your business goals.



These can be configured for both internal and external users, triggered manually or on a workflow condition. Email and SMS are both supported.



Process interaction points that are incredibly simple to configure. These can be attention flags, allocation of tasks to action owners, or requests for approval.

Existing customers

Utility companies with custom applications by datb include:

AnglianWater SouthWestWater ThamesWater.jpg EDF-Energy-logo-759x1024

How can datb help?

Applications developed on the kinodb platform will increase your operational efficiency and can consolidate and replace legacy applications, spreadsheets and unsupported applications.

With kinodb you can transform your business processes, enhance the services that you offer and connect to legacy/existing systems through secure web services.

Moreover, kinodb’s security model constrains access to information at the record and field level, allowing tight control over data access.

Read the Thames Water Case Study to see how datb helped them with their investment planning requirements. 


A custom application on the kinodb platform can be created to meet any business need that you may have.  Below are just a few reasons of why our customers have worked with us to solve their specific business requirements.


New Requirements


Urgent requirements


Unsupported databases

Legacy free

Legacy applications


Any device

As kinodb is browser based, it will work on any device with an Internet connection. This means that your users can access your services wherever they are and regardless of the device(s) that they may have.


Why datb?

Our kinodb is a truly agile platform; its entirely metadata-driven approach to design, development and deployment enables an iterative and incremental approach to discovering requirements and developing solutions through the collaborative effort of kinodb developers and end users.

As a platform, kinodb manages your data and the applications that act on it in tandem.  Creating new functionality from scratch or changing existing capabilities to meet new requirements are both quick and easy.

As developers work, every change is immediate, giving instant visibility of its impact.  kinodb's change management capabilities allow a set of changes to be propagated to test and production environments as soon as they are ready, encouraging the adoption of a minimum viable product approach to implementation.

The transparency afforded by the metadata-driven approach means that changing existing functionality is quick and safe, as any developer can reliably assess the impact of any proposed change.

This approach greatly increases productivity, whether developing new functionality or, perhaps more importantly, when making changes to an existing system.  Risk is reduced; timescales are shorter and more predictable.  Developers iterate and implement in short sprints, so where timescales are tight, core functionality can be made available quickly, with subsequent iterations delivering features as they are required.

To find out more on the benefits of kinodb click here.


What does this mean?

Unlike our competitors we will not just leave you to it. Other low-code products provide you with a toolkit which provides the capability to business users to create apps.

However, working with datb, is different.  Our highly experienced developers and project delivery professionals will ensure that your new line of business application meets your business needs, by working alongside you every step of the way.


Asset Information

AIMS (Asset Information Management System) is an Asset Register for large infrastructure projects.

AIMS enables the sharing of asset information, including the asset data dictionary, between the project owner and contractors. This has been implemented at HS2 (High-Speed 2) as the core of their asset information architecture.

Find out how your organisation can benefit from a highly configurable asset register by clicking the button below:


“COVID-19 and its disruptions of the global economy have highlighted the need for fast and agile technology solutions to problems for which manpower alone is not the answer. Low-code software development platforms can speed up the process of developing these solutions.”
Low-code programming 2020

Getting started

We can deliver proof-of-concept projects to allow your business and technical users to see the productivity of the platform. Stakeholders can experience first-hand the productivity and flexibility of the platform when it comes to responsively meeting evolving requirements.

However, if you would rather build you own we will train your teams on how to build, deploy and operate your applications.

Find out more

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