A platform to meet the specific needs of local government




datb provides many types of custom solutions for local government

These government specific use cases benefit from an array of pre-defined modules



These can be configured for both internal and external users, triggered manually or on a case management workflow condition. Email, SMS and Gov.Notify are all supported.



Actions are process interaction points that are incredibly simple to configure. These can be attention flags, allocation of tasks to case owners, or requests for approval.

The Local Government Platform has already been implemented at the following Local Authorities in the UK:

CamdenLogo StHelens Thurrock Council
"The Local Government Platform is suitable for all kinds of local services requirements, from children and family services, education, social care, housing, and benefits. With LGP you can have the right information at your fingertips, when you need it, facilitating better decision making and driving more timely interventions."


The modules above are designed to support the implementation of the Local Government Platform for your specific use-case. Below are some example local government specific use-cases that have LGP based solutions.



Bringing together the self-service, customer portals and payments modules into a single use-case. Your citizens can apply for permits (or manage their existing account) for whatever permit processes that you may have in your Local Authority.



This is a specific implementation of the case management module in the LGP. This particular implementation handles all casework relating to those that are either, or about to become, homeless



English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) is aimed at non-native English speakers, looking to take up a new language or validate their skills. The application provides an initial assessment and then identifies local courses for classroom-based tuition.


Care Leavers

This application utilises LGP's case management capabilities to maintain assessments of the readiness of children in care to lead independent lives. It provides managed access to essential data around those that are leaving social care to those involved in their care.


Asset Management

This configuration creates a register of assets that the local authority is accountable for. The system is configurable to include or remove data attributes for each asset type as required by the individual asset specification.


Transport (SEN)

Whilst our specific implementation is focused on Special Education Needs the application could be used for any kind of public transportation needs, such as School buses, OAP bus passes, etc.

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