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Delivering enterprise systems since 2003

datb (registered name: day at the beach limited) was founded by its three directors in 2002.   Extensive experience in various areas of business application development convinced us that it was possible to develop applications faster, more effectively and more reliably by defining application behaviours in data, not code.  To this end we developed kinodb, the development and deployment platform that we use for all of our developments.

We delivered our first production application in 2003, since which time the capabilities of kinodb have continued to grow.

Applications that were developed over a decade ago, and first used by clients with Internet Explorer 5, are now being used by the same clients on desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablets.  All of this has been done without any need to rewrite clients' applications - we have just incrementally updated the kinodb platform to support new devices, database platforms, web standards and user interface best practice.

In contrast to the other systems that were installed by the same clients over a decade ago, all of our systems continue to serve the business, are capable of change to accommodate new business requirements and are likely to be in continued use a decade from today.

More recently we have expanded our services to include hosted development, test and production environments and associated training, mentoring and support services enabling customers to take advantage of our unique technology - either assisted by ourselves or independently as required.

datb's leadership team


Mark Bushman

Managing Director

Jason Doré

Technical Director

Martin Rodell

Consultancy Director

datb combined management system

Providing solutions that are secure and delivered to the highest quality, datb operates an ISO9001 (2015) and ISO27001 (2013) combined managemet system.

The scope of the datb combined management system is:

The provision of systems, development services and the provision and operation of systems hosted by datb on datb infrastructure or using third party cloud environments.

Approachable Certification is datb's independant auditor, a UKAS accredited organsiation. 

UKAS is the National Accreditation Body for the United Kingdom.  They are appointed by government, to assess and accredit organisations that provide services including certification, testing, inspection and calibration.

The UKAS accreditation provides the highest indicator of quality with respect to a management system.





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