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Improving the student experience

Since the global pandemic education providers are under significant pressure to offer online services, where business processes and forms are automated and can be managed from anywhere.

The digital transformation of your business processes has never been more essential; today the CIO finds themselves with legacy applications and paper-based process that are no longer fit-for-purpose...

Custom processes

Education institutions are not unlike government departments or large commercial businesses. Invariably there will be the "usual suspects" of standard applications, but these only provide part of the process. There are many paper-based processes with duplicate copies of forms being sent all over, with data from one system often then being manually re-entered into another one elsewhere.

There are quite probably many different Excel (or Access) databases that staff rely on to do their jobs, all of which means understanding the business and how you are performing on your KPIs is a huge undertaking.

Fortunately, datb can help.

We have helped many organisations move legacy processes (from paper-based or unsupported applications) onto a fresh modern application, hosted in the cloud and accessible to everyone that needs it, regardless of where they are and which device they have.

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Case Management

Highly composable case management designed to move a case through a workflow to whatever conclusion(s) you may require



Self-service enables your users to get access to your services whenever they want, and on any internet enabled device


Online forms

Easily configurable online forms provide the ability to capture data from your users for any business process


Why datb?

We build applications for our clients using our own development and deployment platform, called kinodb. This enables our developers to provide applications to our customers much faster than through traditional development methodologies.

Moreover, unlike a COTS package, our solutions are incredibly flexible which means that your new custom application will enable you to deliver your business processes exactly as you want them to be.  You won't be restricted to a "best-fit" off-the-shelf solution.

Additionally, due to our unique platform, your new application will be technology neutral.  This means that regardless of what happens on the future, your application will seamlessly work on new browsers and devices.  Some of our customers have been using their applications for over 16 years yet they still deliver the businesses value exactly as intended, but now they are in the cloud and running on devices that didn't even exist back then.

Take a look at the projects that we have delivered and what our clients say about us here.

"The kinodb platform is suitable for all kinds of education requirements. With a kinodb application you can have the right information at your fingertips, when you need it, facilitating better and more timely decision making."

Getting started

We can either train your teams on how to build your applications in-house or we can do it for you.

With many of our clients we can have a Proof of Concept application up and running in just a couple of weeks which allows your business process owners to feedback iteratively so should your requirements change, the application will adapt.

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Students today have grown up with smart connected technology. Yet, many educational institutions operate in an environment that has old and disconnected IT systems and, in some cases, paper forms. 

With an application built by datb, on the kinodb platform, you can replace those legacy systems and have a far more connected environment that works for staff and students alike, on any device. Regular updates to the underlying kinodb platform mean that even devices that don’t yet exist will be supported without needing re-engineering of your applications.

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