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kinodb, datb's low-code platform for developers, can be configured to be any web app you need, without needing to write code.



Exceptionally fast implementation, deployment and maintenance enables truly agile development

Legacy free

Legacy free

Applications that never become obsolete and grow capabilities over time



Provide and consume web services for close integration with internal and external data sources

kinodb low-code platform

The kinodb low-code platform is a web-deployed application that is increadibly quick to build and deploy to your user-base without the need to write code.

kinodb applications are defined in the metadata and developed as a model of the application, which means that they never go obsolete.  Applications that we delivered in 2005 are still running today in the latest browsers and on devices that didn't yet exist! 

"Ever-increasing demand for productivity is increasing awareness and adoption of low-code application platforms."
Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platform
Gartner, September 2020

kinodb is used by all types of organisations

Below is a small sample of organisations using kinodb.  We have customers that are constructing high-speed rail infrastructure, generating electricity, providing fresh water to our homes, running conferences, and providing public services.  The kinodb platform has been designed to support all types of business.

CamdenLogo EDF-Energy-logo-759x1024 ThamesWater.jpg HS2 TNG_Trans StHelens WANOLogo-1-1 Thurrock Council

Why kinodb?

kinodb is a truly agile platform; its entirely metadata-driven approach to design, development and deployment enables an iterative and incremental approach to discovering requirements and developing solutions through the collaborative effort of kinodb developers and end users.

As a platform, kinodb manages your data and the applications that act on it in tandem.  Creating new functionality from scratch or changing existing capabilities to meet new requirements are both quick and easy.

As developers work, every change is immediate, giving instant visibility of its impact.  kinodb's change management capabilities allow a set of changes to be propagated to test and production environments as soon as they are ready, encouraging the adoption of a minimum viable product approach to implementation.

The transparency afforded by the metadata-driven approach means that changing existing functionality is quick and safe, as any developer can reliably assess the impact of any proposed change.

This approach greatly increases productivity, whether developing new functionality or, perhaps more importantly, when making changes to an existing system.  Risk is reduced; timescales are shorter and more predictable.  Developers iterate and implement in short sprints, so where timescales are tight, core functionality can be made available quickly, with subsequent iterations delivering features as they are required.

If you need to collect information from your users through the use of web forms/questionnaires, then the online forms module may be what you are looking for.  Find out more about online forms by clicking here.

kinodb has been deployed in many industries, including:

Local Government

Local Government


Higher Education

Higher Education





Asset Management & Construction

Asset Management


See how kinodb can deliver the outcomes that you are looking for, by requesting a product demonstration.  Click on the button below and fill in the form and we will be in touch.


Because change happens

Change is inevitable, and when changes are needed - whether next week or next year - kinodb's model of your data and the applications that manage it will allow assessment, implementation and validation of new functionality as quickly and safely as the initial development.

Integration with other corporate or external systems is easily accomplished using web services - the kinodb platform can both provide and access web services using XML or JSON as required.

Importantly, as your application is defined in a model, rather than as code, it is proofed against obsolescence.  The kinodb platform is constantly updated to accommodate new database versions, web standards, cloud technologies, browsers, devices and security standards.

In these ways, kinodb delivers fully integrated strategic solutions, fit for years of use, faster than you may be used to delivering short-term tactical systems.

For further information on the benefits of kinodb, click here.

“It has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience working with datb. They went beyond the brief, focusing on the business outcomes at all times. They overcame unforeseen challenges with a positive and collaborative attitude, solving them all in their stride. I really feel datb are partners and look forward to a long term partnership."
Sophie Fresle, Head of operations
The Network Group

Use-cases for kinodb

Our clients have many different reasons for implementing a kinodb application.  Use-cases vary from case management, to risk management, asset registers, permits, event management, to applications delivering educational content.

kinodb is so flexible that it can meet any application requirement that you may have.

We have created a pre-configured version especially for local government.  This is the Local Government Platform (LGP).  

LGP  has been used by several councils for many different use-cases.  One such example is at Camden Council where an application for HRA (Homelessness Reduction Act) casework has been developed.  This application is designed for  caseworkers to help prevent citizens from becoming homeless or provide assistance to those who already are.  

Find out more about LGP by clicking here.


"In developing the Homelessness Reduction Act case management application, a number of reusable common components have been created that will in turn be used more widely across other council services and form part an overarching suite of components that will be used to develop a further pipeline of user centric applications."
Jack McGarrigle, Head of Applications and Digital Development
London Borough of Camden

Getting started

We can train your developers to build your applications in-house, or we can develop systems for you.

An initial proof of concept exercise can often provide an ideal illustration of kinodb's unique capabilities and can be used to kick-start a larger development and implementation project.

See below for how to find out more about how kinodb can help you to meet your urgent and strategic requirements without compromise.


delivering your project with the kinodb low-code platform leads to:


Protection against obsolescence


Reduction in delivery timescales

Project failures

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