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Legacy free applications

By John Durnford on Jun 4, 2020 8:35:00 AM

Topics: kinodb

I feel very fortunate that I get to lead the development, support and maintenance of an industry-leading off-the-shelf low-code development package. 

Investment Manager is a large and complex application that is critical to its users; it manages billions of pounds of investments.  Fortunately, due to both the ease of deployment and use, managing client variants and implementing bespoke modules has been made possible; it just wouldn't be feasible using a conventional application development approach. 

Most importantly, the development of a large application over a period of years becomes very difficult if you need to change technologies every five years or so.  Here at datb we don't need to worry about how current the technology is at all; the underlying framework gets updated in line with database & browser changes, and all of our clients receive those updates automatically.

This makes a kinodb application truly legacy free.  We have clients that have systems that were originally developed for use on Internet Explorer 5.5 which are now being used on Google Chrome and on mobile phones and tablets.  These devices / applications didn't even exist when these systems were first deployed!  

This has all been achieved without having to change to the applications themselves.  This is great as we have been able to save the owners of these applications the not insignificant cost of replacement. Over years this translates to multiples of the initial system cost, reducing TCO enormously.

John Durnford

Written by John Durnford