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Self-service portals

Custom made portals for your business processes.




Providing self-service to your customers and business users

Self-service capabilities allowing your users to access the content they need, when they need it and on any browser equipped device.

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Customer facing portals

The provision of services to customers via a portal with a secure sign in and user authentication is increasingly a must-have capability. Whether your customers are internal to your organisation or individuals or organisations outside it, it’s important to have a robust and flexible system to capture and manage the necessary data.

The majority of out-of-the-box solutions are targeted at very specific use cases, so you may end up with multiple products covering your portfolio of requirements.

However, datb can build your self-service portal to precisely meet your needs.  

We build custom applications using our development platform, called kinodb, which enables our developers to build applications far quicker than through traditional development methodologies, whilst still meeting your organisation’s strategic and security requirements.



Who is this for?

We have created externally facing portals for many of our clients, from utility companies to organisations providing event management, like The Network Group and organisations providing educational content like Maths With Parents.

With an application by datb you can have your secure, tailor-made customer facing applications operational in a fraction of the time that it would take to have a bespoke application built, and it will cost considerably less; all of this is possible without having to write any code.



A key feature of the secure datb portal is the ability to provide self-service. With people working and living their busy lives at all hours of the day, it is important to be able to provide the services that your customers/suppliers expect, when they require them.

There are a number of key factors that will trigger an organisation to develop a self-service portal. The need to create a portal can start from an internal requirement to improve communication between departments, or through external factors such as providing customers or suppliers with documentation (invoices, policies, product information etc). Some of the key drivers of a self-service web portal include:




  1. Improve internal communications between employees and departments. Internal self-service portals may include, HR, finance (submitting expense claims), help desk, etc.
  2. Providing customers or suppliers with relevant information and documentation
  3. Share information and documentation between multi-location office premises including national and international offices
  4. Streamline customer service processes by allow the customer to raise and track their own support tickets
  5. Extend existing business systems with additional functionality

As with any application built on our kinodb platform, an application with self-service features can be demonstrable in just a few days. This means that the processes can be tested, and any issues resolved sooner; any wrinkles in the process can be identified and problems rectified before it is released to your real end-users.

The self-service features can be configured so they are incredibly intuitive, enabling their use by anyone without training or guidance.

Your customer-facing application can be in production faster than ever before. And when your needs change, the application can be changed with ease.

Why datb?

We build applications for our clients using our own development and deployment platform, called kinodb. This enables our developers to provide applications to our customers much faster than through traditional development methodologies.

Moreover, unlike a COTS package, our solutions are incredibly flexible which means that your new custom application will enable you to deliver your business processes exactly as you want them to be.  You won't be restricted to a "best-fit" off-the-shelf solution.

Additionally, due to our unique platform, your new application will be technology neutral.  This means that regardless of what happens on the future, your application will seamlessly work on new browsers and devices.  Some of our customers have been using their applications for over 16 years yet they still deliver the businesses value exactly as intended, but now they are in the cloud and running on devices that didn't even exist back then.

Take a look at the projects that we have delivered and what our clients say about us here.

Getting started

With many of our clients we can have a PoC application up and running in just a couple of weeks which allows your business process owners to feedback iteratively so should your requirements change, the application will adapt.

Usually we build applications for our clients, however if you would rather adopt our platform and build you own applications, we can also do this.  The choice is yours.



Find out more

Find out more about how an application built by datb can save you time and money by speaking to a kinodb expert.