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Replacing your unsupported databases 

Replacing your unsupported applications

Replace your tactical solutions, created using technologies like Microsoft Access/Excel, with a secure, cloud-hosted application built upon a scaleable and secure platform.


Your data is important

Most IT departments maintain an ever-increasing list of requirements from the business all of which compete for their limited resources. Accordingly, those that are implemented are often late but many don't even make it that far.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for business units to look to meet their requirements for themselves using whatever tools are to hand - typically Microsoft Excel or Access.  

These tools are relatively quick to use, can be adopted by relatively non-technical users, and can be used to deliver successful fixes to immediate business needs... 

Therefore, most IT departments also have a growing list of liabilities in the form of insecure / unsupportable / unknown systems that may or may not contain critical data or unmanaged GDPR-sensitive information; data that lies outside any corporate data strategy, integration and management processes.

This probably sounds very familiar to many organisations.  The challenge is that the pressing business need to do something now, overrides the due process.

But, the data that you need to gather and manage is important; you need a secure, manageable and secure solution, not an Excel/Access database.



The kinodb digital platform

The solution to this problem is having access to the right tools that prevent this problem form occurring in the first place - kinodb is the development and deployment platform, by datb.

datb developers build all of our client applications using kinodb.  But, some of our customers like to build their own using our platform.  

It is your choice - we can train your in-house teams to use kinodb, or we can build your applications for you.

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Who is it for?

The kinodb platform enables our developers to build applications for any industry types.  We have customers from both the public and private sectors, from local government departments, to businesses that provide your drinking water to those building high speed rail infrastructure.

Why datb?

Building an application is easier and faster in kinodb, than many other applications (including Microsoft Access) as there is no need to write any code.  This means that your internal teams can deliver more applications to your business users, which will reduce the amount of tactical solutions being created.

Read the blog post my first impressions of kinodb and see how a previous Access user was convinced that kinodb is a real game-changer and a significant step up from the tactical tools offered in the Microsoft Office suite. 

An app in just one week!

With a Proof of Concept (PoC) project we can demonstrate why you should replace your unsupported applications with kinodb.

A PoC will take no more than a week during which time the first iteration of your replacement product will be built.

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Getting started

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