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Building a kinodb application

By Neil Hinson on Mar 11, 2020 1:18:44 PM

Topics: kinodb

I have been turning requirements into solutions for datb’s clients for many years now. I find that having all of the detailed technical “grunt work” done behind the scenes as you build the application is fantastic.

Using kinodb means that I'm able to focus on what the users want the system to do. Being able to deliver the working bones of a complex application in as little as a couple of days, means that we can work through detailed functionality using real data within the actual system; not hypothetically or on paper.

This is really important, as the speed of implementation, and particularly the ability to assess the impact of a change before making it, means that the design of the system can be tweaked, or even radically altered, quickly and easily if a problem or new opportunity arises at any point in the development.

If the project started as a pilot (to demonstrate value) then we don’t have to start over when we properly kick off the project. The system that was delivered as part of the pilot, or POC, becomes the bare-bones of the actual system! To re-use this cuts down on wasted time, both on the client side and here at datb.

Whether engaged in a pilot, or in the delivery of a system, end users contribute to the design process and developers can get immediate feedback on the way that the system works.

This means that I can turn our customers requirements into their desired application in a fraction of the time of a traditional code-based application project.

Delivering a legacy-free high quality application means that our customers stay our customer and I get to enjoy developing their systems and our relationship, over many years!

Neil Hinson

Written by Neil Hinson