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Enterprise-grade platform solutions

By Dave Francis on Jul 9, 2021 2:34:00 PM

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IT organisations are increasingly expected to be the source of a succession of silver bullets facilitating (or even driving) transformational change, whilst at the same time ensuring that commodity functions work seamlessly.

COVID-19 has only amplified this: new systems are required to enable remote working practices, systems need to be kept secure at the kitchen table, and bandwidth has never been in greater demand.

Accordingly, CIOs are on the lookout to automate manual and repetitive business processes to save time and deliver efficiencies.   They are increasingly turning to tools designed to create, deploy and manage applications quickly, without the complexities of writing and debugging lines of code.

In a world where everything has to happen faster, low-code platforms are now viewed as essential tools that can deliver a competitive advantage for developers and the organisations employing them.

However, CIOs worry that they may move fast at first but encounter platform limitations later on in the development process that will prevent them from extending their applications. They may also have concerns over integration with their myriad existing systems, and they fear that applications built with low-code tools may be challenging to customise and offer no unique functionality.

kinodb, the development platform by datb, doesn’t quite fit the boundaries of ‘traditional’ low-code development.  Whilst it is similar to low-code in that developers do not need to write any code, kinodb is far more mature (it was first in production use in 2002), it is more robust and eliminates the concerns of the more simplistic tools intended for use by business users (‘citizen developers’). It is quite unlike low-code platforms.

Many low-code platforms are really just replicating the Microsoft Access problem, but with apps that run in browsers/on mobile devices, rather than locally on a desktop computer. It’s the same problem, it’s just wearing a trendy new outfit!

kinodb is an enterprise grade development platform that provides a far more robust and disciplined method to application development than other platforms.  It achieves this by providing the capabilities to build software at an enterprise level, not just simple apps.

kinodb is focused on delivering faster solutions, greater control (security) and a host of newer features for the modern IT environment. It provides a platform enabling skilled developers to work smarter and quicker, vastly improving productivity. kinodb eliminates repetitive coding, but without removing the capabilities required to implement custom functionality tailored exactly to your business processes.

Being a professional software developer today is not just about writing within a programming language, and writing code is not the most crucial part of the job. Software development is equally about the stack, platforms, data sources, databases, network layers, APIs, security mechanisms and procedures that you use to build software solutions.

kinodb offers a modern software experience that aligns with today’s changing user demands.  It provides the ability to extend platform capabilities with open APIs for reusability, and more flexibility when it comes to cloud and on-premises deployment.

kinodb is perfect for highly scalable applications that support complex logic; the kind of custom applications that support the digital transformation of your business.  

Find out more about how kinodb has delivered enterprise solutions for many of our customers by reading our case studies.

Dave Francis

Written by Dave Francis