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What can you build with the kinodb platform?

By Mark Bushman on Nov 10, 2021 9:00:00 AM

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The kinodb development and deployment platform can be used to build just about any type of application that you may need.

We have customers from utility companies, rail infrastructure, local authorities, event organisers, and educational content providers, amongst many others. Their applications deliver on very different business requirements.

But, all of these examples are complex problems, with many process variables. In contrast to other development environments, kinodb is designed for applications at an enterprise scale, typically including complex data sets, granular security models allowing widely different user types to access a single application, and robust web service-based interfaces to existing systems, whether inside your organisation or elsewhere.

This is one of the key differentiators between an application built on kinodb and those built using toolkits like low-code platforms.

Another key differentiator of working with datb is that you can choose to build the application yourself, we can build it for you, or we can work with your team to transfer skills and guarantee delivery.

As kinodb is similar to a low-code platform you can build, or configure, any process that you may need. However, for some use cases, we have pre-configured modules that allow the creation of functionality even faster. These include modules for actions, notifications and casework for use across many business processes in industries like asset management, local government and higher education as well as in the wider public sector.

There are also easily configurable self-service portals and payments modules for apps that require your customers to make payments for services.

Unlike other platforms, kinodb is not for simple apps; it is an enterprise-scale platform which can re-use functionality across many business processes, reducing re-keying of data, increasing data quality and delivering production-ready applications far faster.

kinodb can be used for most new or urgent requirements you may have, including replacing your legacy applications.

Moreover, as kinodb is truly a legacy-free platform, you can replace your unsupported applications without creating the unsupported apps of the future.

Mark Bushman

Written by Mark Bushman