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meet your urgent business needs with the kinodb low-code platform



Urgent Requirements

An emergency needn't compromise your strategy or security.  To discuss your urgent needs, please use the button below to speak to our team.


Even in a normal business environment, the ability to meet unexpected opportunities and threats is essential to ensure that your business can thrive.  In a world of global pandemics, where needs can change overnight, the ability to quickly and safely accommodate radical change becomes a core strategic capability.

There are many tools that can build tactical applications quickly, but their use leads to the proliferation of disparate silos of data and - literally - the disintegration of your corporate information.

Adoption of a strategic enterprise development platform speeds the implementation of systems whether in an emergency or not, and allows you to retain control of your organisation's data whilst remaining responsive to business needs of all kinds.




Why kinodb?

kinodb is a truly agile platform; its entirely metadata-driven approach to design, development and deployment enables an iterative and incremental approach to discovering requirements and developing solutions through the collaborative effort of kinodb developers and end users.

As a platform, kinodb manages your data and the applications that act on it in tandem.  Creating new functionality from scratch or changing existing capabilities to meet new requirements are both quick and easy.

As developers work, every change is immediate, giving instant visibility of its impact.  kinodb's change management capabilities allow a set of changes to be propagated to test and production environments as soon as they are ready, encouraging the adoption of a minimum viable product approach to implementation.

The transparency afforded by the metadata-driven approach means that changing existing functionality is quick and safe, as any developer can reliably assess the impact of any proposed change.


Our approach greatly increases productivity, whether developing new functionality or, perhaps more importantly, when making changes to an existing system.  Risk is reduced; timescales are shorter and more predictable.  Developers iterate and implement in short sprints, so where timescales are tight, core functionality can be made available quickly, with subsequent iterations delivering features as they are required.

Change is inevitable, and when changes are needed - whether next week or next year - kinodb's model of your data and the applications that manage it will allow assessment, implementation and validation of new functionality as quickly and safely as the initial development.

Integration with other corporate or external systems is easily accomplished using web services - the kinodb platform can both provide and access web services using XML or JSON as required.

Importantly, as your application is defined in a model, rather than as code, it is proofed against obsolescence.  The kinodb platform is constantly updated to accommodate new database versions, web standards, cloud technologies, browsers, devices and security standards.

In these ways, kinodb delivers fully integrated strategic solutions, fit for years of use, faster than you may be used to delivering short-term tactical systems.


Getting started

We can train your developers to build your applications in-house, or we can develop systems for you.  Find out more about the services that we offer here.

An initial proof of concept exercise can often provide an ideal illustration of kinodb's unique capabilities and can be used to kick-start a larger development and implementation project.

To find out more about how kinodb can help you to meet your urgent and strategic requirements without compromise, please download our brochure. 

Alternatively, you can discover more about the benefits of kinodb here.