Custom applications 

replace your unsupported databases with the kinodb low-code development platform, where applications never become obsolete



Unsupported applications

Replace tactical Microsoft Access/Excel solutions within a scaleable and secure platform.


Most IT departments have a list of projects that the business has requested, and which compete for limited implementation resources until implemented (often too late) or abandoned.

Often, the business unit looks to meet the requirement themselves using whatever tools are to hand - typically Microsoft Excel or Access.  These tools are relatively quick to use, can be adopted by relatively non-technical users, and can be used to deliver successful fixes to immediate business needs... 

So, most IT departments also have a growing list of liabilities in the form of insecure / unsupportable / unknown systems that may or may not contain critical data or unmanaged GDPR-sensitive information; data that lies outside any corporate data strategy, integration and management processes.

If your data is important, you need a secure, manageable and secure solution, not a tactical fix.

kinodb's ability to build complex data models very rapidly means that the data structures typically employed in a 'desktop' application can be implemented (generally with improvements) within hours.



Also, kinodb's security model means that it's actually easier to implement multiple applications within a single instance than it is to create a separate application for every requirement.  Where different applications require access to overlapping data sets, you can implement these within a single data model, removing data duplication whilst ensuring that users can view, create and update only the data to which they have access - even when that's a small proportion of a far larger data set.  And the more applications that you implement within the single platform, the easier they get, as many of the data entities that they require are already present.

Read our blog post, on why Excel is not a database.

Why kinodb?

Building an application is easier and faster in kinodb, than many other applications (including Microsoft Access) as you do not need to write any code.  This means that your internal teams can deliver more applications to your business users, which will reduce the amount of tactical solutions being created.

kinodb is a truly agile platform; our software development practices involve discovering requirements and developing solutions through the collaborative effort of kinodb developers and the end users.

Accordingly, an application can be created in just a few weeks, which could be just as quick as creating a tactical fix, plus as the requirements evolve the application can be easily modified.

Moreover, the application is stored in the model, so unlike your tactical database it will never become unsupportable.  Additionally, it will have proper enterprise grade security and be deployable to anyone that needs it, on any device, via a browser.

Furthermore, the kinodb platform is updated frequently to support the latest technologies so you will always be able to run on the latest browsers and devices.

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Getting started

We can either train your teams on how to build your applications in-house (St. Helens local authority have done just that) or we can do it for you.

With many of our clients we can have a PoC application up and running in just a couple of weeks which allows your business process owners to feedback iteratively so should your requirements change, the application will adapt.

To find out more about how kinodb can replace your unsupported applications, please download our brochure by using the button below: