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Improve the higher education journey for your students

Universities are under significant pressure to offer online services, where business processes and forms are automated and can be managed from anywhere.

The kinodb low-code platform for developers is the fastest way to connect your staff, academics and students, regardless of where they are and the devices that they use.

Digital transformation has never been so necessary, and with kinodb, so easy.  Use the button below to speak to the team to find out just how easy it could be. 



Modular solutions

The kinodb platform for higher education is deployed as a series of pre-configured modules which provide your university services to your administrative and academic staff and students.

The use of pre-configured modules mean that a lot of the functionality can be configured by a system administrator; developer assistance is unnecessary should a new process step need to be added, or a new action defined. Although if you need completely new functionality then that can be delivered too, via the kinodb platform’s massively productive development environment.

Unlike other low-code platforms, kinodb is not designed to build simple apps; it is a strategic enterprise-grade platform allowing the integration of resources and information (like student records) across any number of services that you require.

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Self-service enables your staff and students to get access to the services that they need whenever they want, and on any device.



Payments systems interfaces are configured to allow any service to easily make, or receive, a payment.



These can be configured for both internal and external users, triggered manually or on a case management workflow condition. Email and SMS are both supported.



Actions are process interaction points that are incredibly simple to configure. These can be attention flags, allocation of tasks to case owners, or requests for approval.

“More than half of higher education CIOs say that COVID-19 accelerated digital service delivery to key stakeholders. Institutions were forced to adapt quickly to remote and virtual requirements; yet, many of their learning technologies, administrative systems and operating models already lacked the capabilities and capacity to deliver a remote experience.”
January 2021

How can datb help?

Applications developed on the kinodb platform will increase the efficiency of your university and can consolidate and replace legacy applications, spreadsheets and paper forms.

kinodb is perfect for filling in the gaps in your IT estate.  Read our blog post on how you can use kinodb to interface with existing applications to provide a seamless experience for your users, regardless of their device.

With kinodb you can transform your business processes, for example course enrolment, online payments, course evaluation and requests for services, so you can provide the best possible student journey.

Furthermore, you can bring your student record system into the 21st century, using secure web services to connect to legacy systems.

The platform provides a model encompassing people, resources and services. The resources and person information can be used across any service that you require, removing the need for management of duplicated information across multiple systems and significantly increasing efficiency and data quality.



Why kinodb?

kinodb is a truly agile platform; its entirely metadata-driven approach to design, development and deployment enables an iterative and incremental approach to discovering requirements and developing solutions through the collaborative effort of kinodb developers and end users.

As a platform, kinodb manages your data and the applications that act on it in tandem.  Creating new functionality from scratch or changing existing capabilities to meet new requirements are both quick and easy.

As developers work, every change is immediate, giving instant visibility of its impact.  kinodb's change management capabilities allow a set of changes to be propagated to test and production environments as soon as they are ready, encouraging the adoption of a minimum viable product approach to implementation.

The transparency afforded by the metadata-driven approach means that changing existing functionality is quick and safe, as any developer can reliably assess the impact of any proposed change.

This approach greatly increases productivity, whether developing new functionality or, perhaps more importantly, when making changes to an existing system.  Risk is reduced; timescales are shorter and more predictable.  Developers iterate and implement in short sprints, so where timescales are tight, core functionality can be made available quickly, with subsequent iterations delivering features as they are required.

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"The kinodb low-code platform is suitable for all kinds of higher education requirements. With a kinodb application you can have the right information at your fingertips, when you need it, facilitating better and more timely decision making."

Getting started

We can either train your teams on how to build your applications in-house or we can do it for you.

With many of our clients we can have a PoC application up and running in just a couple of weeks which allows your business process owners to feedback iteratively so should your requirements change, the application will adapt.


Many students today have grown up with smart connected technology. Yet, when starting their higher education, they find themselves in an environment that has old and disconnected IT systems and, in some cases, paper forms. This is most probably not the student experience that they were anticipating, especially for those institutions that teach computer science.

With kinodb you can replace those legacy systems and have a far more connected environment that works for staff and students alike, on any device. Regular updates to the underlying kinodb platform mean that even devices that don’t yet exist will be supported without needing re-engineering of your applications.

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