The Network Group


The Network Group asked datb to develop their Smart Network System


This is an entirely bespoke application used to manage The Network Group's events schedule, allowing the events team to plan and schedule events and for delegates, attendees and speakers to submit information, book meetings and manage their individual itineraries both before and during the event.

The project

The SNS application features a smart matching system that suggests and schedules meetings between attendees based on information gathered from delegates using questionnaires that can be configured by the application's administrators.

The system was built from the ground up in a few weeks and replaces two previous systems, as well as a host of spreadsheets and manual processes, that were a major block to The Network Group's ability to grow the business.


One of the key features that The Network Group were keen to have, was the ability to dynamically change appointments during the event.  It is not uncommon for people to be absent, or for other unexpected delegates to arrive.  Accordingly, being able to adjust the scheduled meetings in a quick an efficient manner, was incredibly important. 

“Smart matching is a complicated algorithm, which matches event delegates to provide the best possible meeting experience. This algorithm was specially written for the Network Group and it is unique to the Smart Network System”


The Network Group required the SNS application to be integrated with Slido. 

The Network Group use Slido during their conferences/events for for the live question/answer sessions.  Therefore, the link into this platform provides their clients with an enhanced and seamless user experience. 



Feedback from the client

Sophie Fresle, Head of Operations at The Network Group said:

“We're different because we don't just produce events for C-level directors to learn from, we actively create targeted networking and peer-to-peer engagement, ensuring the right people meet the right people.

Over the next two years we will be running 60+ events, compared to 40 over the past two years.  The event management system that datb produced for us makes the administration process quicker, easier, more user friendly and adds a whole new level of functionality which has added huge benefits to all attendees at our events. The software is a cornerstone of our business, without which we would find it hard to achieve this growth.”

Additionally, speaking about the project to implement the solution, Sophie continued;

“It has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience working with datb. They went beyond the brief, focusing on the business outcomes at all times. They overcame unforeseen challenges with a positive and collaborative attitude, solving them all in their stride.

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"I really feel datb are partners and look forward to a long term partnership."
Sophie Fresle
Head of Operations

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