Custom applications that meet your requirements, are legacy-free, are delivered faster

With datb you can choose whether you would like us to build your new line-of-business application for you, or you can use our enterprise-grade development and deployment platform to create your own applications.

It's completely up to you.

Through technology, we solve business problems

We always put our customers and their technology needs first. Unlike other technology providers we don't just supply the technology; we work with our clients to guarantee the outcome that they need.

datb will provide a complete technology solution that delivers value fast and prepares your business for the future.

Speed to value

Benefit from an implementation that is up to 85% faster than any traditional method; we will work alongside your team to ensure that your required outcomes are delivered when you need them.


Integrate your new application with your existing services; we can provide and consume secure webservices for close integration with internal and external data sources.

Legacy free
For the future

Due to our unique meta-data technology, you can benefit from applications that never become obsolete, future-proofing your business from technologies that haven't yet been invented.


Who is using it?

We have provided custom solutions for may different industries, from local/central government, utility companies (electricity/water distribution etc), rail operators, construction companies, education providers to events management - our highly flexible kinodb platform can be used to create almost any application that you might need.

Use the drop-down menu above to select your industry, or use one of the buttons below to select your business function.

What do our customers say?

“It has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience working with datb. They went beyond the brief, focusing on the business outcomes at all times. They overcame unforeseen challenges with a positive and collaborative attitude, solving them all in their stride. I really feel datb are partners and look forward to a long term partnership."

SOPHIE FRESLE, Head of Operations

The Network Group



Two approaches, same outcome

Some of our customers like to build their own applications, whereas some prefer our highly skilled developers to do it for them

Either approach will deliver an integrated, legacy-free application to your business users, fast.



Like many of our client projects, the asset register for HS2 started off as a proof-of-concept exercise.  After two weeks they had a system that they could configure to define their asset type hierarchy and store assets of the defined types.

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St. Helens Council has adopted the local government platform within their internal IT development team, with a view to replacing their Lotus Notes applications.  After completing their training, they are now building their own applications.


See for yourself

Download our brochure to see how we can deliver an application in a week, with a proof of concept (PoC) project. 

Following the PoC, should you then choose to implement the product, the application built during the PoC often becomes part of the first iteration of your future system, so none of the effort is wasted.

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What can you build with the kinodb platform?

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