- Case study -

kinodb helps Maths with Parents build fast and scale faster


Maths with Parents provides parents with videos, games and activities, chosen by their child’s teacher.  They partner with schools to drive and monitor effective parental engagement and to support disadvantaged families.


Launching in 2016 with five schools and a total of 200 parents, the site was originally developed over a period of around a year using conventional web technologies.  Realising that the development and administration burden of growing the site in terms of features and increasing numbers of users, they looked for an alternative means of developing and deploying their products.

Why kinodb?

Maths with Parents chose kinodb for its flexibility, speed of development and capability to support their plans for growth.  

A datb developer put together the framework of the site using kinodb, providing parents and children with the ability to log in to the site, and functionality for teachers to schedule the delivery of videos and other materials throughout the school term.  

This took a couple of weeks and delivered more functionality than the previous year of conventional development.

Maths with Parents themselves then took over the kinodb development environment, greatly enhancing the functionality to personalise the user experience to individual families, allow uploading of pictures and videos, provide information on engagement to school administrators, and much else.

Maths with Parents grew steadily from 2017 to 2019, picking up awards including the prestigious Teach First Innovation Award along the way.

With support from backers including Credit Suisse they broadened their remit as Learning with Parents, leading a national action group promoting parental engagement in disadvantaged communities and started to develop English with Parents.

Instant scaling

At the start of the Coronavirus epidemic in the UK, Maths with Parents opened the site to all users, whether schools or individual families, whilst schools remained closed.  

This resulted in a five-fold increase in user numbers and resulting site load.

The kinodb platform has been designed for very large numbers of concurrent user sessions within applications of all types.  Maths with Parents’ use of kinodb meant that a simple upgrade to their cloud-based server provided them with the additional capacity required to support the greatly increased number of site users.

The kinodb platform enables the development and deployment of enterprise-scale applications across a range of cloud platforms and database management engines.  It provides unparalleled productivity and insulation from the effects of changes to web standards, browsers and other technical standards.

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