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Is 2021 the year of low code?

By Dave Francis on Mar 26, 2021 10:13:27 AM

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kinodb is the low code platform for developers

Many technology news outlets, as well industry analysts like Gartner and Forrester, are predicting that 2021 will be the year of (well, at least a big year for) low code development platforms. This blog looks into why this is the case.

The CIO’s drivers
As both everyday business processes and the requirement for responsiveness to external changes become increasingly reliant on technological solutions, corporate IT needs to manage traditional IT operations whilst also delivering innovation.

Gartner uses the concept of ‘Bimodal IT’ to highlight the sometimes conflicting needs of these two drivers.

Alongside the requirements for seamless day-to-day operations and swift and responsive innovation lie two additional challenges: filling the gaps in existing systems’ capabilities and responding to sudden and potentially overwhelming external factors (for instance a global pandemic).

Used appropriately, low code solutions can offer benefits in each of these areas.

Low code development
The promise of low code is to allow users to innovate and develop software products in weeks, not months. Equally important is the ability to deploy iteratively, allowing successive refinements after initial implementation.

CIO’s are, therefore, increasingly turning to tools designed to create applications quickly, without the need to write and debug thousands of lines of code.

In a world where the expectations of the business are that things have to happen faster, low-code platforms are now viewed as essential tools to gain a competitive advantage for developers and the organisations employing them.

Forrester analysts report that “During the COVID-19 crisis, enterprises that had embraced low-code platforms, digital process automation, and collaborative work management reacted faster and more effectively than firms relying only on traditional development.”

Forrester and Gartner analysts estimate that 75% of all enterprise software will be built with low-code technology this year. As the impact of the global pandemic continues into 2021, CIO’s will continue to look to low-code software development platforms to roll out business critical solutions and expand digital channels.

But which low-code technology to use?  Many are positioned to meet the requirements of the citizen developer (a business user, not an experienced IT professional) and do a great job of turning simple tasks into trivial ones. This leads to many issues, some of which we have previously written about, such as a proliferation of IT applications built outside of IT, the creation of data silos, and the start of the next generation of unsupported legacy applications.

kinodb, the low code platform for developers
By contrast, kinodb is aimed at skilled developers, enabling them to work smarter and quicker. It eliminates repetitive coding and provides the ability to implement complex functionality specific to your business requirements.

Underpinned by industry-standard relational data storage, kinodb offers a modern software experience that aligns with today’s changing user demands. It is perfect for highly scalable applications that support complex logic; the kind of custom applications that support your digital transformation aspirations.

To get started with kinodb, you don’t need to go all-out by building a big application. Many of our customers start by building a system to meet a specific need or, by filling gaps within their current IT estate, and then incrementally build interfaces to, or replace, legacy applications.

kinodb is infinitely flexible and can be used to deliver almost any capability you might need. And, once you have kinodb you will wonder how you ever did without it.

As technologies evolve, kinodb evolves with them. Applications built over fifteen years ago remain completely technologically current. Increments to the kinodb platform bring all kinodb applications up to date in terms of database and browser technologies, cloud deployment standards and security requirements.

That’s why so many of our customers have used their legacy-free kinodb applications for over a decade.

Being a professional software developer today is about much more than writing code in a particular language. It’s about the stack, the platforms, data sources, APIs, security mechanisms and devices that you need to support (including those yet to be invented). The kinodb platform encapsulates the technologies required to implement, operate and maintain enterprise applications now and into the future.

Developers can focus on understanding and meeting business needs, not on technological implementation. This allows greater responsiveness to business users and increases both the productivity and the job satisfaction of your development team, driving innovation across the organisation.

You can choose whether to build your application yourself or we can build it for you. Or you can have the best of both worlds; we will work with your team to transfer skills and guarantee delivery.

Find out more about the benefits of kinodb by clicking here or request a demonstration by clicking here.

Dave Francis

Written by Dave Francis