datb presents....an insight into kinodb

Tuesday, 22nd March 2016
1 Moorgate Place London EC2R 6EA
Roundtable discussing our High Productivity Rapid Application Development Toolset kinodb. Includes 3 course dinner with drinks

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datb presents: kinodb, a powerful HP RAD toolset (high productivity rapid application development)

We would like to invite you to join the directors of datb for a roundtable presentation introducing our unique application development technology kinodb.

Recent advances with kinodb now mean that it's available for companies to use internally via a cloud hosted development environment, we are keen to share our ability to develop applications incredbly fast and empower your teams to deliver applications to market much quicker.

Traditional development approaches mean that keeping up with changing business requirements is almost impossible.  We will explain how kinodb's flexibility allows you to keep up-to-date with fast paced change very easily and how you can maintain the system consistently over time.

Join us for a few hours to see how we could transform the way you look to deliver business systems.

Invitations are limited, senior IT management roles such as CIOs, IT Directors, Heads of Architecture and Heads of Development would get the most out of this. 

We will be providing a fantastic 3 course dinner with drinks for our guests complementary of datb. The food in this venue is superb!

If you would like to secure an invitation then click the book now tab and fill in your details or make contact with neil.connolly@datb.com

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